2017 Cap-Pele Revolution Raceway Offroad Series Race #2

Cap-Pele race 2 was held on a newly expanded track. The race was postponed because of rain and the water from that rain gave near perfect surface conditions. Excellent turnout in all classes. This is Race #2 of a 6 race points series. Overall points are found HERE.

2wd Buggy A-Main – Laptimes

2wd Buggy A-Main had a large field that started with a horrific first corner crash that drivers had difficulty recovering from. The new layout proved challenging for the smaller 2wd buggies. After the first few laps things settled down as the racers got comfortable. In this class we welcomed a few new racers out: Dario Paoletti and Mark Baird.

2wd SCT A-Main – Laptimes

In 2wd SCT the surprise of the day was George Thompson who took the early lead in the race and held it for a few laps until Jeremy took over. Then the battle was for 2nd with Kyle. George found himself on the podium in 3rd after the race was completed.

4wd SCT A-Main – Laptimes

4wd SCT was the largest class of the weekend. We saw Yannick make his return to racing from a year off to take the TQ, but he was unable to start the race. We had 2 racers bump up from the 7 truck B-main. At the start of the race Gregg jumped to a quick lead, but electrical problems sent him to the back of the pack. Dario then took the lead for a couple laps until Shane caught him and took the lead. Stephane had a bit of a rough start  but worked his way back up to 3rd over the 7 minute run.

4wd SCT B-Main – Laptimes

In the 4wd SCT B-main the battle was for the coveted bump up spot. Again this race started with a terrible first corner crash that completely mixed up the running order until things settled down. It was a good race with Chris taking the first place honors and the bump to the A-Main. It was Mark Baird’s first race in this class and he almost made the cut.

1/8 Buggy A-Main – Laptimes

In the 1/8 buggy there was an early accident the race that changed the running order. Shane and Dario had no issue and lead the field from the start. George took advantage of the wreck and he jumped from 7th to 3rd and held it for the remainder of the race. the rest of the field battled to the very end of the race for position.

1/8 Truggy A-Main – Laptimes

In Truggy Shane and Stephane battled for the top position and kept the crowed entertained throughout the race. Behind that battle George and Mike fought hard for 3rd place, with George taking the lead and yet another podium for the day!

1/8 Nitro A-Main – Laptimes

1/8 nitro was uneventful with 2 cars DNS and 1 car stopping mid race. Shane and Dave went on to finish the race 1/2.

1/16 Open – Laptimes

The 1/16 is getting popular with the younger crowd as an entry level class. Its good to see the smaller cars out on the track.

1/16 Novice