BlackFly RC 2017 Summer Kickoff

On the weekend of July 2nd, Blackfly RC had their Kick-Off trophy race. The day started off very damp, but with a bit of sun and peat-moss from Lameque the track dried and ended up with close to perfect conditions. The race was well attended with 10 entries in almost all classes. Canteen at lunch, lots of door prizes, 3 qualifiers, and a well run finals made for a great day.

2wd Buggy A-Main – Laptimes

2wd buggy proved to be challenging on the track with the big set of triples. Dario’s first couple of laps didn’t count quite right, but he and Gregg battled neck and neck for the first 5 laps before an accident by Dario sent him a few seconds back. Jeremy had a little battle with Gordon mid race for 3rd.

2wd SCT A-Main – Laptimes

In 2wd SCT Jeremy proved to be too much for the field. He took the lead from the start and never looked back. In the beginning of the race there were a lot of wrecks that changed the order quite a bit. Pierre Hache kept his cool early in the race and made his way back to 2nd. Jean-Eric Chiasson had a slow start but fought his way back into 3rd. Jeremie Hache ran a consistent race and placed 4th.

4wd SCT A-Main – Laptimes

In 4wd SCT Gregg Lawton, who qualified 3rd, DNS because of electrical issues. At the tone Stephane jumped to first but after a few early laps Dario caught up to him and took the lead. Gordon settled in to a good run and earned 3rd place on the podium.

1/10 Open A-Main – Laptimes

In the Open class David Jean had his stadium truck dialed. At the tone he took the lead and didn’t look back. Yan Carbonnelle and Nicholas Duguay fought hard and exchanged positions throughout the race. In the end Yan was able to fight for 2nd while Nicholas had to settle for 3rd.

1/8 Buggy A-Main – Laptimes

In 1/8 buggy David Jean proved too much for the field. He took the lead at the start and held it to the end. Marc-Andre also had a solid race and finished 2nd. In the battle for 3rd Dario started strong but a few bad laps had him battling back up through the field. Donald Denis took advantage and once he gained 3rd he held it till the end. Back in the field there was a great battle happening between Rejean Comeau and Jonathan Comeau Duguay where they battled for the 8th spot lap after lap. In the end Rejean was able to make the pass and hold the position at the finish.

1/8 Truggy A-Main – Laptimes

1/8 Truggy turned out to be the race of the day with all the movement for position. At the start of the race Donald Denis made a big charge to 1st before falling back to 4th. Guillaume Berbe and Marc-Andre Metivier then battled lap after lap for the first position. It finally settled down with Guillaume holding 1st, and Marc-Andre finishing 2nd. Rene Leblanc had a quiet race keeping in striking distance of 3rd, and he made the move on the last lap to take 3rd spot on the podium.