BlackFly RC – 2017 – Race #1

BlackFly RC held their 1st club race of the season on July 30th. The race was well attended by the local racers and some traveled from around the surrounding area to support racing at the local track. The largest class was the 2wd SCT with 9 racers. They also held a special race for the rookie class which was made up of young racers having their first race. Thanks for all those who attended and BlackFly looks forward to the next race.

2wd Buggy A-Main – LAPTIMES

1er: Serge Beaudin (TQ), 2e: Serge Haché, 3e: Pierre Haché

In 2wd buggy there was a mixup in the first lap which shuffled the field. After the first lap things settled down. The race for 3rd place was the one to watch as Pierre Hache battled Brandon Beaudin for 3rd. He made the pass mid race to secure the 3rd place.


1er: Stéphane Doucet (TQ), 2e: Jeremie Hachey, 3e: Serge Haché

2wd SCT was a big class and the A-Main racers had to earn their place in the final. At the start Stephane took the lead and held it to the finish. Serge Hache jumped to 2nd and battled Jeremie Hache for the spot. After a back and forth battle Jeremie made the pass and held it, but then Serge had to battle Bruno for third after a bad lap.


1er: Bruno Hachey, 2e: Nicolas Duguay, 3e: Rejean Comeau

In the 2wd SCT B-Main the drivers were battling for the bump up spot to get into the A-Main. At the start of the race Bruno Hache was able to jump to the lead and he held it to the end for the bump up spot. The next battle to watch was between Nicholas Duguay and Rejean Comeau. Rejean had a bad start but worked his way back to 2nd. It looked like he would finish 2nd but late in the race his truck stopped and was unable to finish. Nicholas was able to take the spot.


1er: Stephane Doucet (TQ), 2e: Serge Beaudin, 3e: Serge Haché

Lots of action in the 3wd SCT final. Stephane Doucet and Serge Beaudin battled for 1st while Serge Hache and Brandon Beaudin fought for the 3rd place on the podium. Both groups had a back and forth battle until things settled mid race.

1-8 Buggy A-Main – LAPTIMES

1er: Serge Beaudin (TQ), 2e: Serge Hache, 3e: Pierre Haché

In 1/8 buggy Serge Beaudin had a solid race, leading from the start and finishing in 1st. The other racers had a bad first couple of laps before they settled down. Serge Hache improved from the start and finished 2nd. Pierre Hache started off slow but fought with Brandon Beaudin for 3rd. Rejean Comeau had a good race to finish on the same lap .

1-8 Truggy A-Main – LAPTIMES

1er: Stephane Doucet, 2e: Serge Haché, 3e: Nicolas Duguay, TQ: Serge Beaudin

Serge Beaudin had to leave before the start of the race and missed running this final. He had the TQ and would have challenged for a spot on the podium. Serge Hache and Stephane Doucet had a brief battle on the first lap but then Stephane settled into 1st with Serge 2nd and Nicholas running 3rd.

Rookie Class – LAPTIMES

1er: Guy Haché – 4wd sct (absent sur la photo), 1er: Dominique Sonier 2wd sct
2e: Cloé Comeau – 2wd sct, 3e: Daphnée Doucet – 2wd sct

The story of the day was the rookie class, a group of young racers having fun in their first race. Congratulations kids!!!