2017 Cap-Pele Revolution Raceway Offroad Series Race #4

pic. 2wd buggy a-main

The 4th race of the 6 race 2017 Cap-Pele series was held Saturday Aug 26th. The finishing points awarded are added to the OVERALL 2017 SERIES POINTS. This race was well attended with some new racers travelling from Fredericton NB, from NS, and PEI. The weather was nice and sunny, with a bit of overcast during the finals. George spent some quality hours on the track during the week preparing for the race. On the day of the race the track was slippery/dusty early on, but after sweeping a few key corners the track had more grip but became very abrasive on tires. All and all a great race day! Freedom Hobbies donated some gift certificates that were given as door prizes for the participants. Thanks to everyone who attended and we will see you the next race!

2wd Buggy B – RESULTS

In 2wd Buggy there were enough racers to have an A + B main. To add to the excitement the top 3 finishers from the B main would bump up to race in the A-Main. Mark Baird finished repairing his buggy, put it on the track, and lead from the start to earn his a-main start. Danen Gallant also improved from his grid position to take the 2nd available bump up. There was a great battle for the 3rd spot, and on the last lap it was taken by Chris Flewelling.

2wd Buggy A – RESULTS

1-Gregg Lawton, 2-Kyle McKinnon(accepted by Mark McKinnon), 3-Jeremy Sherriff

The 2wd Buggy A-Main was a hotly contested race with a 10 driver final. At the tone there was a first turn pileup that shuffled the field (sorry, I spun out … ). After the ensuing mayhem Jeremy and Kyle were able to get away clean and pulled away from the main group. Kyle kept the pressure on Jeremy until Jeremy had tire problems and had to let him by. After a poor start Gregg worked his way through the group focused on the lead group. With 3 laps remaining he was able to catch Kyle and make the pass for 1st, with Kyle 2nd, and Jeremy 3rd. From the looks of the lap chart there was a lot of action in this race as all the cars were actively trading positions.


1-Kyle McKinnon(accepted by Mark McKinnon), 2-Jeremy Sherriff, 3-William Muirhead

The 2wd SCT race was a closer race than the chart shows. Kyle and Jeremy took off from the start and battled the entire race. In the battle for the lead position each racer seemed to have an advantage on different parts of the track where Kyle was able to make the jump sections better while Jeremy seemedto handle the hucka-bumps and washboard sections better. In the last few laps of the race the 2 exchanged the lead until the very last lap where Kyle made the pass that would give him 1st. While this was unfolding there was a quiet battle for 3rd. Eric has been steadily improving his abilities over the race series and held 3rd for most of the race. A crash late in the race gave the opportunity for William to make the pass for 3rd.


The 4wd SCT also had a large turnout that was split into an A & B main. Again the top 3 drivers would continue on to the A-main to give the race added excitement. And there was a lot of excitement on the track. We had 2 early unfortunate departures with mechanical failures. In the race Chris Flewelling made a huge advancement starting last on the grid to work his way to the lead before settling back to 2nd.  This race had an epic finish where Eric made the pass for first on Chris feet from the finish line  as Chris’s truck went into low volt protection and had slowed to a crawl.


1-Shane Foote, 2-Gregg Lawton, 3-Rhodri Armour

In the 4wd SCT A-main it was once again a packed main with 10 racers. In the race Pierre made an early exit with mechanical problems. At the start Gregg and Shane had an early battle before Shane was able to take the lead. Late in the race Gregg had an electrical issue and Zack made a heroic lap jumping from 4th to take the 2nd spot. It was short lived as Zack then had an unfortunate mechanical issue that took him out of the race allowing Gregg to reclaim 2nd. Rhodri did his best to try to take the 2nd spot but ran out of time and settled for 3rd. Again, this was a fast charging race and all the racers were battling throughout the race for position. This was a fun class to watch!

1-8 Buggy – RESULTS

1-Shane Foote, 2-Dave Robinson, 3-Rhodri Armour

In 1-8 Buggy there was a good turnout for the race. Rhodri was the example of consistency where he started in 3rd and finished in the same position. Dave and Shane fought hard in the race, exchanging the first position a couple times. Dave had an unfortunate flip late in the race allowing Shane to take 1st with Dave settling for 2nd.

1-8 Truggy – RESULTS

1-Shane Foote, 2-George Thompson

1-8 Truggy had a low turnout this race. George lead the first lap but then was passed by Shane for 1st.

1-8 Nitro – RESULTS

1-Shane Foote, 2-Chris Flewelling

1-8 Nitro also had a low turnout this race. I believe there were actually 4 nitro cars at the event, but for whatever reason 2 of the racers were unable to start the final. The race was pretty close and Chris finished 2 laps down from Shane.

1-16 Open – RESULTS

1-Jason Sullivan, 2-Chris Flewelling, 3-Eric D’amours

In the 1-16 Open newcomer Jason was able to take the lead after the first lap and went on to have his best run of the day to take 1st. Chris had a good race to finish 2nd. Eric overcame the mechanical problems he had earlier in the day and kept his truck running the full final to finish 3rd.