BlackFly R/C – 2017 Race #2

Blackfly RC held their 2nd club race on September 3rd, 2017. The weather was good and a lot of racers came out for the race. Stephane made some changes to the drivers stand to get a better view of the track, and all drivers appreciated the new vantage point. The track was run in a clock-wise pattern for this race.


2wd Buggy – LAPSVIDEO

1er – Martin Plourde, 2e – Pierre Hache, 3e – Serge Hache

2wd Stadium Truck – LAPSVIDEO

1er – David Jean, 2e- Donald Denis

The 2wd Stadium trucks were run together with the 2wd buggy race.


1er – Guillaume Ward, 2e – Jeremie Hache, 3e – Pierre Hache


1er – Guillaume Ward, 2e – Stephane Doucette, 3e – Serge Hache

NOTE: Errors in lap counting were adjusted

1-8 Buggy – LAPSVIDEO

1er – David Jean, 2e – Martin Plourde, 3e – Donald Denis

1-8 Truggy – LAPSVIDEO

1er – Stephane Doucet, 2e – Donald Denis, 3e – Guillaume Ward

Beginner Classes

Daphnée Doucet (Annie Doucet Stephane Doucet)
Cloé Comeau (Rejean Comeau Sophie Roy)
Joliane Doucet (Caroline Doucet)
Alexander Axe (Natasha Roy)