2017 Cap-Pele Revolution Raceway Offroad Series Race #6

The final race of the 6 race series was held Oct 14th. It was an overcast day with glimmers of sunshine mixed with an occasional 5 minute shower to dampen the track. Quite a few new racers came out for the last race day. All racers had a great time racing which ended the season on a high note. The results of this race are combined with the previous races to determine the overall Cap-Pele Series winners!

Special thanks to George for putting on the events along with his family Tara and Natalie. Everyone is looking forward to racing again in the series next year!

2wd Buggy: LAPS

1st: Mark McKinnon, 2nd: Jeremy Sherriff, 3rd: Kyle McKinnon

2wd buggy has remained a popular class over the series, and this final had 9 drivers. At the tone there was a bit of a mix up in the berm corner and Mark and Kyle got off to a clean start, followed by Jeremy and Gordon. Kyle held the lead for several laps, but he was having mechanical problems which was slowing him down. Mark and Kyle got tangled and this allowed Jeremy into the battle for the lead. Jeremy and Mark would trade the lead for several laps but Jeremy’s battery would go soft and he could not challenge on the final lap.


1st: Jeremy Sherriff, 2nd: Kyle McKinnon, 3rd: Dario Paoletti

In 2wd SCT there was early mixups in the field. Jeremy was able to grab the lead early and hold it for the win. Early in the race Dario challenged Kyle for 2nd, but a crash allowed Kyle to take 2nd. Dario would spend a few laps to work his way back to 3rd. Items to note were Zack Bernard and William Muirhead had traveled from PEI to take part in the final race.

4wd SCT – B-Main: LAPS

Bump up: Zack Bernard, William Muirhead, Mathieu Leblanc

4wd SCT continues to be the most popular class in the series, and this race there were enough entries for an A and a B main. The top 3 from the B would bump into the A-main. Zack, William, and Mat would make the bump up. Noteworthy was this was Tim Rodgers first race and he seemed to be enjoying learning the ropes.

4wd SCT – A-Main: LAPS

1st: Shane Foote, 2nd: Gregg Lawton, 3rd: Dario Paoletti

In 4wd SCT there was again a mix up early in the race that changed the order of the field. Shane was able to get the lead and hold it for the win. Dario and Gregg battled for the 2nd spot a couple times through the race before it was settled that Gregg would hold 2nd and Dario would take 3rd. Zack Rodgers would show improvement, after and early crash he would work his way back to 4th. Also noteworthy was George Thompson working his way past the racers going from 8th to 4th, only to have an accident on his last lap to finish 7th.

1/8 Buggy: LAPS

1st: Shane Foote, 2nd: Dario Paoletti, 3rd: Chris Flewelling

In 1/8 buggy there were a few battles on the track. Early on Dario and Shane would battle over 1st and 2nd. Chris and George were also settling who would take 3rd and 4th. In the end the order was Shane, Dario, Chris, George, and Mat. William was unable to start with mechanical problems.

1/8 Truggy: LAPS

1st: Shane Foote, 2nd: George Thompson, 3rd: Mike Belanger

In 1/8 Truggy it was a consistent race with the racers in the same order at the end of the race with Shane 1st, George 2nd, and Mike 3rd.

1/8 Nitro: LAPS

1st: Shane Foote, 2nd: Chris Flewelling, 3rd: Mike Belanger

In nitro buggy Mike had mechanical problems and could not start the race. Shane and Chris entertained the crowd during the longer race which allowed a pit stop.