2017 Cap-Pele Revolution Raceway Offroad Series Race #3

The 3rd race in the 6 race Cap-Pele Offroad series was held July 15th. The sun was out and the wind was low which made for great conditions. The track had not seen much water for a few weeks so the surface was hard packed, abrasive, with a light coat of dust. Racers searched their spare tires and found some that worked well in the conditions. Turnout was lower than a typical race day, but racing was competitive and the racers had fun.

2wd Buggy A-Main – Laptimes

In 2wd buggy the racers learned from the race #2 start and the first corner was flawless with a train of cars through the first banked hairpin. There was still lots of action in the first few laps until the field settled down. Surprise of the day was Yannick returning to 2wd buggy and challenging for the lead.

2wd SCT A-Main – Laptimes

In 2wd SCT Jeremy and Kyle took off at the start and held their positions until the finish. The action in this race was the battle for 3rd. Fredericton racer Eric D’amours found some newfound speed and jumped from a 7th place start into 3rd and held it for a few laps before a hard charging Patrick Last caught back up from a bad start and was able to make the pass for 3rd. Gislain was also in the mix but had mechanical problems which ruined his chancesfor the podium.

4wd SCT A-Main – Laptimes

In 4wd SCT Yannick got a clean start and fough off a few challenges to take the 1st place spot. . Shane and Gregg battled for a few laps exchanging 2nd until some poor driving by Gregg put him squarely in 3rd. There was a brewing race for 4th place happening. Early on Gordon had a crash that sent him back to 8th but he focused and made his way up the pack. Meanwhile, Mark Baird also battled with Eric for that 4th spot. As the race progressed Gordon creeped closer and closer and on the last lap, last straight he and Mark had a drag race to the finish. Its worth clicking on the laptimes to see the difference in time.

1/8 Buggy A-Main – (Laptimes unavailable)

The laptimes are unavailable for this race because of an  .. ‘ahem … electrical problem caused by one of the racers flipping into the extension cords and unplugging the lap counter. Needless to say, Shane took off at the start and held it for the win. The battle in this race was for 2nd with George and Mat fighting for that spot. Mat had the new drivers stand which allowed him to see the track better and that helped him keep in the race. Thanks for family and friends who contributed to the stand. In the end George took 2nd and Mat held 3rd.

1/8 Truggy A-Main – Laptimes

In truggy Patrick gave Shane a run for the money pressuring in the initial laps of the race and even taking the lead for a lap. Things settled down and the finish was shane, Patrick, followed by George.

1/8 Nitro A-Main – Laptimes

Nitro was an exhibition class this event with only 2 racers for the 15 minute final. At the start Shane took the lead and it finished in the order it started with Shane in 1st and George in 2nd.