2017 Atlantic Canada Indoor RC Car Championship

The Atlantic Indoor RC Car Championship race was held Saturday Dec 2nd, 2017. This event was held in Sussex, NB which is part way between the 2 hosting clubs of the Saint John RC Race Club(Saint John) and Maritime RC Park(Moncton). Saint John brought the infield barrier and helped to run the event on raceday, Maritime RC Park brought the racing surface and the outside barrier. Between the 2 clubs they had all the equipment needed for a successful event. The race marshal for the event was Erin Lawton, who also helped to organize the event.

1/18 Open A-Main: RESULTS – VIDEO

presented by Great Hobbies

1st: Jeremy Sherriff, 2nd(TQ): Gregg Lawton, 3rd: Patrick Last

In 1/18 Open the TQ, Gregg, was having transmission problems and barely made it to the starting line up. At the buzzer Jeremy leaped to the lead and held it to the end. Gregg struggled in 2nd and was able to hold the spot. After a slow start Patrick was able to break from the pack and challenge for 2nd place, but settled for 3rd.

1/10 Touring Car Open A-Main:  RESULTSVIDEO

presented by Freedom Hobbies

1st (TQ): Stephane Doucet, 2nd: Rhodri Armour, 3rd: Patrick Last

1/10 Open touring car had a full field of 7 drivers all competing for the top spot. Newcomer to onroad touring Stephane Doucet TQ’d the class in qualifying and then lead the race right from the start buzzer. Rhodri and Patrick would mix it up early in the race before Rhodri would claim 2nd. Following the lead group was George, who would take 3rd from Patrick with about 1/3 of the race to go. It looked like he would hold it to the end but a mechanical issue caused him to hobble around for the last 2 laps allowing Patrick to retake 3rd.

1/18 Spec Pancar A-Main: RESULTSVIDEO

presented by Lighthouse Ink Works

1st: Mark McKinnon, 2nd: Gordon Mercer, 3rd(TQ): Gregg Lawton

1/18 Spec pancar is a class that has been run at the Saint john RC race club since 2010. The concept is the cars are as close as possible in speed and power so the racers focus on driving. In the early stages of the race Gregg and Kyle began to pull away from the group a bit, but the 2 unfortunately tangled allowing Mark to jump into the lead and he never looked back. Gordon started off quiet from the 5th position but took 2nd after a short battle with Gregg and Kyle. Things settled into the race but mid point Kyle began having car troubles and eventually dropped out of the race early. After Kyle had the troubles Gregg assumed the 3rd spot and the race finished in that order.

1/10 17.5 Touring Car B-Main: RESULTSVIDEO

presented by Hyper Hobbies

17.5 Touring car was a hotly contested class in this event so the finals were broken into an A & B main. In the B-main the top 2 would bump up to the A-main so the racers had something to shoot for. Early in the race Rhodri would steal the lead from Gordon and he looked to be running away with it, but very late in the race Gordon put some fast laps together and took 1st with 4 laps remaining and held it to the end. Both Gordon and Rhodri would bump to the A. The rest of the racers were not content and they had a great battle between themselves, with Bob finishing 3rd, Jaak 4th, Troy 5th, Mat 6th, and Ben DNS.

1/10 17.5 Touring Car A-Main: RESULTSVIDEO

presented by Hyper Hobbies

1st (TQ): Jeremy Sherriff, 2nd: Gregg Lawton, 3rd: Kyle McKinnon

The 17.5 Touring car A-Main was much anticipated. It was the largest class of drivers and the 7 fastest of the day qualified for the A final. It was a good start of the race with the cars spreading out after a few good laps. At the 5 lap mark there were quite a few position changes throughout the field. At the lead Jeremy and Gregg were exchanging the lead. An unfortunate body tuck sent Gregg from 1st to 3rd while Jeremy took the lead and ran a clean run to hold 1st to the finish. Gregg and Mark would battle on and off over the next half of the race for 2nd place, with Kyle also challenging for 2nd after recovering from a bad lap that put him 7th for a period of time as well. Mark would have a late race mishap that sent him from 2nd to 4th allowing Gregg to move into 2nd and Kyle would move to 3rd. The rest of the field did a great job in the final with Stephane holding on to 5th, with BQ Gordon taking 6th. Rhodri would not finish the race, but did get up to 3rd for a short period of time.

Event Photos: